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Independent Living Services

Independent Living Services

Helping You Help Yourself

Our Independent Living Services

The Independent Living Services Program assists adults in the Peace Region with a developmental disability to live independently in a community of their choice. Support Workers are available to assist the Individual in achieving and maintaining an optimal quality of life.

How does it Work?

When an Individual enters the Independent Living Services Program, program representatives meet with the Individual and their guardians, if they have any, to determine the specific needs of Individual. Once their needs are identified, a planned schedule of support can be implemented. 

Support Workers will be available to support supported Individual and increase their independence through:

  • Assisting in developing life skills
  • Encouraging a supported individual to try new activities
  • Finding & maintaining employment or volunteer placement
  • Provide education about harm reduction and safety awareness
  • Increasing a Supported Individual’s social development through
    inclusion in community events

What are complex needs?

Some Individuals entering the Independent Living Services Program have Complex Needs. This means that the Individual may struggle with a combination of a developmental disability as well as other challenges like mental illness, behavioural issues, addictions, and/or involvement with the criminal justice system.

To help further support Individuals with complex needs, our Behavioural Supports Team is available as a resource to work with the Individual to develop additional strategies that address behaviours of concern. For more information on our Behavioural Supports Program, click on the link below:

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