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Volunteer and Employment Opportunities for Supported Individuals

What should I expect from an employee or volunteer with a developmental disability?

Hiring or adding a volunteer living with a disability to your business or organization promotes an inclusive environment benefiting everyone. It will also help businesses and organizations meet employment diversity goals and possibly receive tax benefits.

Like anyone else, people with developmental disabilities have strengths and weaknesses, talents and abilities. These can include qualities a business or organization would find beneficial such as interpersonal skills, “hands-on” skills, and a strong motivation to work.

Removing Barriers

Creating a barrier-free environment could range from providing larger monitors or hand rests for staff using computers, lowered lighting or installing a wheelchair ramp. To help cover costs, numerous grants are available to provide a barrier-free environment.

What do you have to offer?

Any tasks such as filing, shredding, organizing, light housekeeping duties, or tasks that take time from more skilled employees.

There is someone in your community with a developmental disability who
has the skills you are looking for to enhance your business or organization!

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