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Stone Brook

Stone Brookis committed to
supporting individuals
in a respectful and
caring community,
while fostering
Quality of Life that
includes family and

About Stone Brook

Residents of Stone Brook receive general accommodation services including dietary and housekeeping/laundry support and supports customized to their unique needs within the scope of the applicable provincial program they are placed through. These provincial programs include:

Accommodation and Designated Supportive Living are delivered under the direction of Connecting Care. Services provided within Stone Brook at Wilcox and Mackenzie Cottages are delivered directly by Care Human Services through our Residential Supports Program.

About this project

In 2006 a community meeting was held in Grimshaw Alberta to address the needs of our increasing senior’s population in the region. In attendance were representatives from the Village of Berwyn, Town of Grimshaw, MD of Peace No. 135, then Peace Country Health, Integrated Life Care, and the Grimshaw/Berwyn & District Community Health Centre, as well as many interested community members.

The outcome of the meeting indicated that there was a need for a supportive living facility in the region and a committee was formed to further look at the needs of the area. The committee was comprised of individuals from the Town of Grimshaw, Care, Lac Cardinal Regional Economic Development, Senior’s Representation, and Health Counsel Representation. Over the course of six months, the committee visited other facilities, met several times with a representative from the then Peace Health Region, and compiled and studied all available documentation.

At one of the meetings, the committee asked Care to take on the project as its own. Because Care has extensive experience and background in running residences and providing services, Care passed a motion at its Board meeting to further research the possibilities of taking on such a project. Care – feeling the need for this facility in our region was required – accepted the responsibility of applying for funding.

In May of 2012, an agreement was made between the Government of Alberta and Care in which Care would receive an ASLI grant of 6.1 million dollars. Care secured 12.5 million in financing with the remaining to be fundraised in order to cover the costs of this 20.2 million dollar project.

Care got a great team together, secured an architect and builders both of which had previously built a number of such facilities, and we were off.
Care began working closely with Alberta Health Services (AHS) as 56 of 76 beds in this facility were contracted by AHS for their clients. Care would provide key services to those individuals who had been assessed by AHS as requiring supports at a Level 3, Level 4, and/or Level 4 D (dementia). In addition, 18 individuals receiving services by Care and supports through Persons with Developmental Disabilities, Child and Family Services, and/or other funders, could call Stone Brook home too.

Many decisions were made, meetings attended, tours given, information provided, it was an exciting time.

Our doors opened March 2014. The outcome has a warm and comfortable ambiance. Each space is bright with lots of natural light and colours to help you feel relaxed and ‘at home’.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Resident & Family Council meets quarterly per year and discusses projects, recreation, events, care, and ideas. This is our resident’s home and we want to make it the best we can with what we have and what we can do. We will list any and all meeting agenda’s and minutes here as well as any super great information we have for you – this is your page! Enjoy and we’ll see you at the next meeting!

If you have any questions about our Resident & Family Council – please Contact Us

The Recreation team at Stone Brook plans activities in advance and a calendar of those activities is posted in each cottage monthly. Residents are able to take part in the recreational activity of their choosing and offer ideas for future activities.

Among the activities are:

  • Chair exercises
  • Trivia
  • Color therapy
  • Movie(s) & popcorn


WE LOVE Volunteers!

There are many volunteer opportunities at Stone Brook.

Volunteers bring laughter & fun and they certainly brighten up the lives of everyone involved – clients, residents, and staff too!

What can YOU do to Volunteer?

Here are a few appreciated jobs and skills that would be awesome for Volunteers to do at Care:

Assist with recreation events:

  • serve snacks & beverages, exercise, play bingo, paint, sing songs, art projects, puzzles, games, cards, read stories, just listen, cook, dance, bring in a pet, show and tell, read the news, assist individuals in getting to and from events, shopping, going for walks, gardening, manicures and pedicures, fixing things, help with building models or other projects, bird watching, etc.

Assist with dining, meals and special occasions:

  • serve meals, set tables, fold napkins, help feed meals, etc.

Volunteering is all about being willing to assist; giving your time; and most importantly…caring. All of these things makes Volunteering invaluable – and appreciated even more! To Volunteer Contact Us

Your dollars go to enrich the lives of the clients in our care at Care.  Plain & Simple.  And, we thank you!

Our fundraising efforts go to:  support our new Designated Supportive Living Services building called Stone Brook  in Grimshaw; assistance with landscaping for the facility; recreation opportunities for our clients at in Grande Prairie and Peace River; as well as other such initiatives.

If you would like to contribute to our organization and help us continue the work that we do,  please follow the link to the secure Canada Helps website and indicate where you want your dollars to go!

Care is an accredited, licensed, charitable, not-for-profit organization in northwestern Alberta. Not only will donating help with providing quality programming for the individuals we serve, but donating will also help you!  Care is a charitable agency so that means you will receive a charitable donation receipt that will benefit you at tax time.  It is a win win situation!

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