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Our Residential Supports Program

The Residential Supports Program assists a wide range of Individuals who live in our communities and require 24 hour direct support. What is unique about our program is that we are able to offer supportive services through all life stages to Individuals with extraordinary behavioural needs while maintaining a safe home environment and providing access to family and friends.

Risks are mitigated through planning and forethought; both in the design of our residences and in the collaborative efforts of our trained staff and Behavioural Supports team. Working closely with funders and families, our team focuses on developing a customized care plan for each Individual that works towards achievable outcomes, growth, and increased quality of life.

What are our ROOM & BOARD and MILEAGE rates?

Rent (Effective October 1,2022)
  • Mackenzie and Wilcox Cottages (Stone Brook):

All Other Residences:

  • Basic Room: $900/Month
  • Room with Private Bathroom: $950/Month
  • Entire Unit: $1050
  • Groceries are additional
Mileage Rates (Effective July 1,2022):
  • preset trip costs

How does it Work?

When an Individual first enters the Residential Supports Program, program representatives meet with both the Individual and their caregivers‚Äč to review the specific needs of the Individual and to provide an overview of the program.

Inside the residence, Individuals receive a range of supports from trained Community Support Workers (CSWs) based on the Individual’s needs that range from personal care and self help skills to finding and maintaining volunteer placements and community/recreational activities.

Within the first 90 days after intake, a Person Centered Plan (PCP) will be completed. A PCP identifies outcomes and goals that are important to the Individual and what supports that Individual will need. The PCP serves as a guide to CSWs in the home and is subject to regularly scheduled review and revision. An Individual or their caregivers can amend or change the PCP at any time based on new goals or desired outcomes.

What are Complex Needs?

Some Individuals entering the Residential Supports Program have Complex Needs. This means that the Individual may struggle with a combination of a developmental disability as well as other challenges like mental illness, behavioural issues, addictions, and/or involvement with the criminal justice system.

To help further support Individuals with complex needs, our Behavioural Supports Team is available to work with the Individual, their caregivers, and program staff to develop additional protocols that address behaviours of concern. For more information on our Behavioural Supports Program, click here

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