Celebrating Our Diversity on Multiculturalism Day

It is Multiculturalism Day #MultiDay in Canada (June 27) and we would like to recognize and celebrate the multiculturalism at ASLS.

We are proud to say we have a diverse team working at this organization and also support a diverse group of Individuals.

In our most recent internal Cultural Competency and Diversity Survey, we found that 23% of our team members that took the survey hold a Citizenship in a country other than Canada and 20% shared that they were Landed Immigrants.

When asked what diversity means to them, some responded with:

“To me diversity is an acknowledgment of the characteristics that make each of us who we are. I feel that what makes me diverse has never been a determining factor of progression in my career with the organization. I feel I have been treated equally and with respect despite any differences.”

“Diversity is full inclusion of anyone’s background or belief system, it’s supporting and encouraging everyone to be individuals and express their differences.”

“Having a wide range of people, race religion, sexuality, or disability, but being as one community.”

At ASLS, we strive to learn more about cultural & religious traditions and customs of the Individuals we support as well as our Team Members, as laid out in our Accessibility Plan and Cultural Competency & Diversity Plan.

One way we are making that happen is by education through Cultural Diversity Training Sessions.

The purpose of each session is to help ASLS Team Members be equipped and empowered, build skills, and gain the tools necessary to be culturally flexible and sensitive to the needs of different people.

Recently some of our Team Members took part in Aboriginal Cultural Training. It was an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding to further support Aboriginal Individuals in our care. A local Elder taught us about Ceremonies, Traditional Values, Family Structure, past present and future.

Multiculturalism – the presence of, or support for the presence of, several distinct cultural or ethnic groups within a society