Announcement of Executive Director

Care’s Board of Directors is pleased to welcome Nivin Markose as Care Human Services’ Executive Director. Nivin began working with Care in 2018 and he has taken on progressively more responsibility during his tenure, most recently being promoted to Residential and HR Program manager in spring 2022. Nivin has a diploma in Social Work and a Masters in Business Administration. Nivin also has a proven track record of accountability and takes great pride in Care as an organization and in the individual-centered way that we support our clients. In the Board’s communication with Nivin he has spoken highly of Care’s staff and indicated that he is part of a great team. We believe Nivin will make an exceptional leader who will empower current and future Care staff and clients to reach their full potential. As ever, Care remains committed to excellence in providing inclusive and diverse services in the Peace Region and to  foster the independence, well-being and inclusion of our clients.

The Board also wishes to thank Rilla Websdale for her many years of service to the organization and more recently for the stable, future-focused leadership that she provided during times of great uncertainty. Rilla has gone above and beyond in many ways and has made a difference in the lives of many staff and clients. The board wishes Rilla health and happiness as she embarks on her new path. –  Alanna Dickson, Care Board President

A message from Rilla

It is truly a privilege that I do not think many people realize it to be, to have the opportunity to both learn about and learn from the Individuals that Care has supported over its 53 years as a service provider.  I can say that it has never just been another job to me, and I appreciate the opportunity to reflect on how this organization has been a foundational part of my life, dating back to when my sister, Tricia, moved into the old Wilcox Residence in Grimshaw, 34 years ago.  I learned a tremendous amount about the disability sector and people with disabilities in our society  –  from my mother I learned how to be the strongest advocate possible for Tricia and others that cannot advocate for themselves, and from my father, the former CEO of Care and long-time volunteer, I learned about the sometimes disappointing realities and limitations of being a service provider but that our ultimate responsibility is to always be forward-thinking and embracing change for the betterment of the Individuals we serve  – important perspectives that have guided much of what I have done as the CEO of Care for the past eight years.   From Tricia and her roommates at Wilcox, and all the other Care-supported Individuals that I was lucky enough to volunteer with and work with over the years as a Support Worker, I learned the irrefutable value of every person’s contribution to community, that being ‘different’ is actually a good thing, and that always having a sense of humour in this work we do makes our jobs a little less like a ‘job’ and a whole lot more fun.  

I hope that everyone that works at Care, for any period of time, leaves the organization with a greater respect and appreciation for the people that we support.  Thank you for all your care and compassion for the Individuals we support, and I am excited for the continued growth and development of all the Care employees and Individuals over the next few years.  – Rilla Websdale

A message from Nivin

I am excited and honored to take on the Interim Executive Director position with Care and I want to thank everyone for the support that I have received in various capacities within the organization since 2018. Following in Rilla’s steps will not be easy, but with your input, participation, and support, we can be assured that Care Human Services has a bright future.

My set of education and professional experiences includes a number of courses in business administration and positions in the not-for-profit sector. With my Diploma in Social Work, Masters in Business Administration, Bachelors in Mathematics along with Project Management, coupled with six years of experience in the not-for-profit and disability sector, I have a strong foundation for me to be part of the learning of the organization. 

As a landed immigrant student from the southern part of India, over 10 years ago, I started my career on Canadian soil by making changes in individuals’ lives by providing support to people with disabilities and other social barriers in British Columbia.  In my career so far at Care Human Services, I started as a working supervisor and stepped up through Residential Supervisor, Operations Team Lead, and most recently the Residential Program and HR manager. As I always say, my favorite part of the job is seeing the happiness of each of our individuals we are supporting, and this allows me to go home each day with a sense of satisfaction. 

On a personal level: one of the most important parts of my life  is my family. Jerin and I are parents to two girls: 3 years old Nevaeh Elise and 3 months old Norah Marie. Over the past few years we have enjoyed the opportunity to explore the great outdoors of Alberta and British Columbia, and appreciate the natural beauty around us.  I also participate in the local cricket club in Grande Prairie.

I thank the Board of Directors at Care Human Services for this leadership opportunity, and I intend to invest my time and attention wholeheartedly to build even further on the successful team we have in place.   – Nivin Markose