Supporting Complex Needs

In our last blog post, Understanding Complex Needs, we shared with you what Complex Needs are and how we support Individuals. 

To recap – Complex Needs is a pairing of a developmental disability and/or a mental health challenge that requires specialized services and programming.

Now let’s look a bit closer at that support in action. Please note that the Individual we are referencing did not want their name and personal information shared so the information shared reflects their wishes.

Care has been supporting this Individual for just under two years and recently they celebrated 500 days of sobriety! This Individual and their team of Support Workers have worked hard and continue on the path of recovery each and every day. 

Why it works

The Individual is very determined to maintain their successes and wants to live a healthier lifestyle. Together they and their support staff, under the direction of Care’s Behavioural Support Team, have identified positive approaches and recognized recovery tools specific to them that will support this desire. One approach and tool that is being utilized is a whiteboard that marks their days of sobriety and then milestones are celebrated.

The team created care plans designed to support this Individual and their needs. Those plans are reviewed regularly to ensure their Quality of Life continues to improve as well as ensure their team has the skills required to support them.

This Individual also lives in a supportive environment in a rural area with controls in place that mitigate risk so they can better manage their sobriety. 

Staying Focused

This Individual likes to work and be a valued member of their community. You will often see them assisting with tasks around their home that don’t directly fall under their responsibility. Having a sense of purpose helps to keep them motivated and focused on their goals.