• Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    Hearing Distressing Voices

    Care prides itself on being able to offer a variety of training courses and resources to help staff members better support Individuals in the Residential, Behavioural and DSL programs. The newest training opportunity being offered is Hearing Distressing Voices. This is a simulation-based training that aims to build empathy and greater understanding of what it is like to live with hearing voices. It is a peer-reviewed approach that will allow the support worker to better understand the experience of someone who hears voices. 

    What’s involved?  The first half of the class talks about mental health and recovery and introduces the class to Pat Deegan, the founder Pat Deegan & Associates and creator of the Hearing Distressing Voices Simulation training. Then, participants will be given a sound file to download to their personal phone. In class, they will be asked to engage in a variety of simple tasks while listening to a simulation that mimics what a person who hears voices might experience. 

    Do you have to work with someone with a mental health challenge to take the course? No, of course not. This course is designed to benefit the general public. 

    Who at Care should take this course?  Anyone interested in understanding the world of the individuals we support a little more. 

    Who’s teaching it? Jen, Care’s Senior Programs Team Lead and Behavioural Specialist. Jen has taken the course herself and has co-facilitated a number of sessions. 

    Care Support Workers, if you’d like to take this training watch Kudos and ShareVision for announcements on times and dates. Classes will occur in both the North and South regions.