John Coristine – A Journey Through Care

We continue our Care Journey series that takes a closer look at caring for a loved one living with a disability and making the decision to find the right supports when the time comes. Thank you Eileen for your contribution to this blog.

Since 1969, Care Human Services has supported approximately 3000 Individuals and John Coristine has been one of those awesome Individuals for the last 35 (and counting) years.

John has known us as:

  • The Peace River and District Association for People with Special Needs (1979-1987)
  • The North Peace Community Living Society (1987-2003) 
  • Accredited Supportive Living Society (2003-2006) 
  • Accredited Supportive Living Services Limited (2006-2019) 
  • Care Human Services Ltd. (2019-currently)

He and his family made the decision for John to receive supports in 1986 when he was 18 to allow him to live more independently with friends and mentoring. John’s sister says her brother was excited to move into an apartment with a roommate. He was also supported in getting a job which was important to him.

Eileen says their mother made plans for John to receive supports because she felt if he would have stayed at home, he may not have had the independence and self-esteem he is known for.

You may be familiar with John, he was affectionately known as the Cowboy Guy in Peace River, making friends everywhere he went.

When it was time to transition John from the Independent Living Supports program, Eileen says John and his family felt like they were a part of the plan which helped everyone start the next chapter in their lives.

Eileen says the supports her brother received from Care over the years was the stability he needed. There was and continues to be someone always around who understands and helps him day-to-day.

Did You Know – John represented the region in the Special Olympics!