• Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada

    Getting to know GOeVisit

    Have you tried GOeVisit yet? It is a Virtual Healthcare network for full-time Care employees and there are NO limits on the number of times you use it!

    Where is it?

    You can find the link in the Employees tab on the carehelps.ca website or you can download the app.

    How it works:

    After you have created your account and signed in, click on your profile.

    Now you choose what health concern you need care for. There are numerous options; everything from bladder infection to ear pain, birth control to acne. There are more than 450 medical conditions to choose from.

    Once you choose your health concern you will be prompted to start your SmartExam.

    From there you will be asked a series of questions to get a better understanding of your health concern and symptoms.

    At anytime you are able to restart the exam.

    Once all your information is compiled and analyzed, you will be given instructions of what to do. That could be seek immediate care from a hospital, make an appointment for care or a representative will call you and help fill your prescription at a pharmacy of your choosing.

    The SmartExam can take anywhere from 5-15 minutes.

    And that’s it! It REALLY is that easy.