Our 50th Stories: We’ve had a few names

In 1969, the Peace River and District Association for the Mentally Retarded organization registered under the Societies Act. It operated two schools and a dormitory called Sunshine House.

There were two classrooms in Falher and Cosmos School began operation in Peace River.

After Falher formed its own organization and the Peace River School Division took responsibility of running Cosmos School, Sunshine House was turned into a group home and the Society began the task of re-identifying its purpose.

The organization’s mandate changed in 1979 to include physical disabilities.  The organization’s named was changed to reflect that, becoming the Peace River and District Association for People with Special Needs.

Under the new name and mandate, the Independent Living Skills Program was created, and Individual Program Plans were introduced.

Other programs followed such as the Language Development Program and the Vocational Program.

As the organization continued to grow and evolve. The General Service Plan was established in January 1987 and in March of that year it was decided that the organization’s name be changed to the North Peace Community Living Society.

The Society’s two major focuses now were education and housing. More programs were added, and the Society developed businesses to serve as training and employment centers.

In 2003 the organization amalgamated with New Horizons and the Independent Living Society creating Accredited Supportive Living Society. This broadened our service area to include Grande Prairie.

Services and programs continued to expand and in 2006 the organization changed from a Society to an Incorporated Company: Accredited Supportive Living Services Limited. ASLS had 14 facilities in Grande Prairie, Le Crete, High Prairie, Grimshaw and Peace River and provided supports through numerous programs; Homeless Supports Program, Brain Injury Support Program, CAPCC Program, Family Support Program, FASD Support/ P-CAP Programs, Designated Supportive Living Program, Independent Living Program, Residential Supports Program and Behavioural Supports Program.

Who we are now.

The organization changed its name in July 2019 to Care Human Services Ltd.

Our CEO Rilla Websdale had this message to share:

We decided to take the opportunity of our 50th Anniversary of being a charity to roll out a new brand in 2019. Our new legal name will be Care Human Services Ltd.

We chose Care because it is a clear and simple statement of our values. We are compassionate and empathetic humans providing respectful and skilled support to the people we have been entrusted to provide care to, ensuring their needs are met in a way that fosters their growth, development, and meaningful community inclusion.

Our new logo speaks to what Care means to each of us. It is reminiscent of a tree, suggesting life and growth, being an integral part of the environment, and providing shelter. The circular shape suggests a gentle embrace, and the safe space we provide for Individuals to live and be supported. The upward projection of the arrows represents empowerment, and the success and growth we all aspire to witness in each Individual, and one another. And finally, the base of the logo speaks of the support that ensures a strong foundation for Individuals to flourish in their lives.

We have also taken this opportunity to update our existing Stone Brook brand, which is now better connected to the overall Care identity.

Thank you for being part of ASLS and your continued dedication, as we move into the next 50 years of providing empowered care to Individuals in Alberta.