Our Stories: Terry Weber

Our Stories: Terry Weber

Terry Weber has been with ASLS as a PCAP Mentor (the Parent‐Child Assistance Program) for two and a half years working out of Fairview and Grimshaw.

She recently lost her husband and would like to thank everyone for being so very supportive during his lengthy illness.

In April of 2018, Terry’s husband became sick and was admitted to an Edmonton hospital. Treatment lasted for six weeks and during that time they were advised to call family in on three separate occasions.

“He was supposed to have died three times but pulled through,” Terry shares.

He was later released from hospital and it was at that time the couple moved to Fairview.

This past December he became ill again and passed away after being treated in hospital for three weeks.

Terry says during the months of his illness and following her husband’s death, her co-workers have been nothing but supportive.

Specifically, Madonna, Kristen and Sharon who work directly with Terry.

“They helped look after my clients and made sure I didn’t feel like I was neglecting my job because I couldn’t be there.”

In the third installment of Our Stories, we sit down and get to know Terry Weber

Thank you, Terry, for sharing your story with us and thank you to all who have and are still supporting Terry through this difficult time in her life.

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