Our Stories: Lydia Levers

This is Lydia Levers’ story, our DSL Manager at Stone Brook in Grimshaw.

Lydia has been with ASLS for five years and was hired on as a Licensed Practical Nurse, moving from British Columbia to take on the opportunity.

Originally from Jamaica, Lydia moved to Kelowna at the age of 19 in 2008 and studied in Vancouver to obtain her LPN Diploma.

Why did you want to take on the challenge? “I started at Stone Brook as an LPN. I was temporarily the LPN Team Lead for a couple of months until someone was hired into the role. The employee ended up leaving and I was offered the position on a more permanent basis. One of my fondest memories is of Rilla asking me in person to take on that role. It meant a lot to me that the Director of Programs at the time thought I could take on that role having only been with the company for less than 1 year. That truly sparked within myself, the realization that I have the potential to do more. I left for maternity leave in May 2016 and when I decided I was ready to return to work, I was offered a Manager position. I feel that was a natural progression of my growth within ASLS and am honoured to hold the position. Many days are challenging, the ups and downs of working in human services can be daunting but being able to provide a safe and comfortable environment to our vulnerable individuals makes it worth it.”

How has ASLS impacted your personal life? “I don’t think I’ve ever worked in an environment where I’ve felt so supported. It says a lot about an organization when many of the supervisory staff were first hired into a frontline position. The organization believes in its employees and sets them up for success. It’s evident and something to be applauded.”

Lydia is mom to daughter Jade-Lynn, is engaged to Mathew Strachan and is currently completing an online Site Manager Certificate program through Red Deer College and ASCHA.

What do most people not know about you that you would like them to know? “I am very approachable. Do not be scared or intimidated by me. My sense of humor can be very dry and sarcastic so it may take some getting used to. Also, I am an introvert so if I am not overly talkative in your company, it has nothing to do with you.”

Anything you would like to add? “I’d like to recognize the excellent team we currently have at Stone Brook. I feel our team is the strongest it’s been in sometime and I am happy to see the dedication towards our residents and ensuring quality services are being provided.”