Kiefer’s Story: Reflections

This week we are turning our focus to one of our Individuals in Peace River and the official unveiling of his painting Reflections.

18-year-old Kiefer has discovered a new talent and is starting his journey as an artist. He says he was inspired by a fellow churchgoer “and how she looks at things and her paintings.”

Kiefer has been painting for a few months and is very proud of his first creation he has called Reflections, saying “It looks amazing!”

Kiefer shares that he will be taking lessons in the future, to further refine his talent. When asked if he knows what he will paint next, Kiefer says he will “wait until I have the proper teacher to teach me to further my painting skills.”

He wants to share his artwork with the community and looks forward to creating more pieces to be displayed in our Peace River and Grande Prairie offices and maybe some other locations in his community.

Thank-you Kiefer for sharing your story with us!

Reflections by Kiefer