An Update from Our Behaviour Support Team

Recently, our Behavioural Program Team completed its quarterly review and we would like to share the results.

But before we get into the details, our Behavioural Program Supports Coordinator explains how the team supports our Individuals and their CSW’s.

“The Behaviour Support Team assists our frontline staff in understanding and getting to the ‘why’ of a behaviour. We do this by collecting data and information and then teaching new skills to both the Individual and the Community Support Worker (CSW). We create plans to help that process like BSP’s, Protocols and Individual-specific training. We provide coaching and on-the-floor support with the goal being that the CSW will acquire the skills to meet challenging behaviours head-on,” explains Jen Drummond.

The data collected shows a decrease in Record of Restrictive Intervention (RRI), Critical Incident Reports (CIR) and Serious Incident Reports (SIR) for two of three Individuals in our Saskatoon Lake group.

Data collected from two Individuals

One of our Individuals living at our Saskatoon Lake property saw SIR/CIR increases which have been attributed to numerous triggers. Those factors have since been identified and rectified including a change in staffing.

The team anticipates further RRI, CIR and SIR decreases for these Individuals in the future.

Jen and the rest of the Behaviour Support Team would like to extend a big THANK YOU to the Community Support Workers, Residential Coordinators and Team Leads who have put in all the hours and effort and often blood, sweat and tears, into our Individuals. YOU are the reason we’ve seen some amazing successes over the last year! Way to go, team!!

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