Accessibility and Inclusion in the Workplace

Our #Accessibility week features continue with an Individual in our Independent Living Services program and his employer.

Les Schur, a Rocky Mountain Equipment employee

The following is a letter from Rocky Mountain Equipment in Grimshaw:

Les Schur has been working for Rocky Mountain Equipment since November of 2012, going on 7 years.

But he has been at the same premises for over 20 years, as he worked for Houlder Automotive ltd. Prior to the sale of the Farm Division to Rocky Mountain. He started April 29, 1998, for Bud & Ken Houlder so he has been here for 21 years.

Les has always been an eager employee and takes his job seriously. Over the years he has assisted the Parts Department, through Shipping and Receiving, running both the skid steer and forklift to unload the larger pieces from the trucks. He seemed helped the Shipping and Receiving department a lot more when that person happened to be female. He always said, “I’m nice to all my Sweeties.”

For Sales, he detailed the inside of the cabs of equipment and filled in at the wash bay when we were short a wash person. And for all the departments, he is paged often for various duties or assistance. He helps a lot but the odd time you will hear him sigh when he is paged because he doesn’t like to be interrupted from his daily routines.

Besides his janitorial duties, he makes coffee for us every day, opens the Parts and Service yard gates before anyone else gets to work. And Les is the main caregiver of our two resident cats Stumpy and Stripey.

Les is the yard maintenance person also. He runs the lawnmower, whipper snipper and the sprayer when needed. He does not like dandelions and the “white daisies” (scentless Chamomile) and he loves to “fix them” with the lawnmower and sprayer.

From Troy Houlder: Branch Sales Manager

Les has always been a key part of Special events with Houlder Automotive and then Rocky Mountain Equipment whether it was a combine clinic or Canada Day parade. Les was ready to help and participate. Les with his “Santa Suit” is an annual visitor to our Christmas parties along with some special karaoke songs including “North to Alaska”. He is a well-loved and special member of our team.

From Dusty Szmata: Parts Sales Manager

I have fond memories involving Les, but one of his proudest moments that I was a part of was when we all pitched in and bought Les a new TV and I delivered it and set it up for him. Another memory I have is when Les and I built the Tarp Shed together at work. We had a good time and got the job done. I also get to spend a lot of time away from the branch with Les on weekends in the wintertime. He helps with both my boy’s hockey teams. He is very reliable, and I can count on him being there to lend a hand. Les means a lot to me and my family. Thanks, Les!

Over the years we must confess that many a joke was played on Les, some very cute, some not so cute that made Les mad at us. But mostly jokes were in fun like hiding his Owl, greasing his closet door handle etc. But the is when Les tells us these stories again and has all of us laughing with him.

Thank you Les from the Rocky Staff.