Our 50th Stories: Achieving Accreditation

Our organization, then called The North Peace Community Living Society completed accreditation in 1995, three years after starting the process.

The achievement was celebrated with an event that saw the organization’s first president and founding member Al “Boomer” Adair return as guest speaker.

The President of the Board of Directors at the time, Roger L.R. Morgan had these words to say:

“The government plans to turn over delivery of many services to the community. This provides an opportunity for innovative agencies to expand their mandate and serve a larger community.

I believe the future of Alberta services will include accreditation. Accreditation is like the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. It tells consumers that the agency meets high standards and is monitored regularly to ensure consistency between what is said and what is actually done. This provides a high level of comfort to persons accessing services as they are assured of quality service. It also benefits board members, funders, the community at large, as well as professional and direct service staff to know the organization is progressive and meets the required standards.

Quality is not an accident. It requires a great deal of preparation, training and monitoring. Teamwork and open communication are vital to ensure the service is client centred and cost effective.

The staff of the Society are to be commended for bringing the agency to Accreditation standards in less then three years. This is a considerable feat and bodes very well for the future of the society.”

The Society was re-accredited in 1998 for three years and received a plaque from the Office of the Minister of Alberta Family and Social Services in recognition of the accomplishment.

In 2017, our organization received it’s 1-year Accreditation through CARF following an intensive review process. Throughout that year, ASLS continued to improve our processes and systems to align with CARF standards. In 2018, our accreditation was renewed for another 3 years.