What’s New in HR?

The summer month of July seemed to fly by as we welcomed back a former employee and said ‘hello’ to seven new CARE team members.

Taking a look back on July there were;

– 6 new Community Support Workers in Grande Prairie Region

– 1 new Community Support Workers hires In Peace River & Grimshaw Region

There were two promotions in July as well!

Congratulations to Krista Winsor, who has been promoted to Residential Coordinator for one of our Grimshaw residences.

Congrats also goes out to Shannon Sutherland who has accepted the Peace River Team lead role!

And in case you missed it, we did change our name from ASLS to Care Human Services mid-July. Here is a message from our CEO Rilla Websdale.

“We decided to take the opportunity of our 50th Anniversary of being a charity to roll out a new brand in 2019. Our new legal name will be Care Human Services Ltd.

We chose Care because it is a clear and simple statement of our values. We are compassionate and empathetic humans providing respectful and skilled support to the people we have been entrusted to provide care to, ensuring their needs are met in a way that fosters their growth, development, and meaningful community inclusion.

Our new logo speaks to what Care means to each of us. It is reminiscent of a tree, suggesting life and growth, being an integral part of the environment, and providing shelter. The circular shape suggests a gentle embrace, and the safe space we provide for Individuals to live and be supported. The upward projection of the arrows represents empowerment, and the success and growth we all aspire to witness in each Individual, and one another. And finally, the base of the logo speaks of the support that ensures a strong foundation for Individuals to flourish in their lives.

We have also taken this opportunity to update our existing Stone Brook brand, which is now better connected to the overall Care identity.

Thank you for being part of ASLS and your continued dedication, as we move into the next 50 years of providing empowered care to Individuals in Alberta.”

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