Changes Are Coming to Behavioural Supports

Recently, our Behavioural Supports Team asked for some feedback from our staff and the response was fantastic! The suggestions, concerns and comments were evaluated, and some changes have been made as a result. Have a look!

Behavioural Community Support Worker – Schedule Change:

· BCSWs will be moving to a four on two off rotation, including afternoon and evening hours to ensure there is better Behavioral Support coverage

Monthly Conference Meetings:

· Behavioural Support Coordinator will hold a monthly meeting with BCSWs, Residential Coordinators and Teams Leads

· Behavioral issues will be reviewed, and interventions will be discussed to ensure consistent protocols and communication

Behavioural Support Coordinator:

· Twice a month the Behavioural Support Coordinator will provide one on one feedback with CSWs in a private and distraction-free environment, CSWs can request to meet via ShareVision

· Will attend staff meetings to introduce, train and review protocols and other behavioural material

Front-Line Behavioural Support:

· 24-hour Behavioural Support will continue to be available to all staff

· Look on ShareVision for the on-call phone numbers, there will be one number to be contacted between 7am-11pm, and a different number for overnights from 11pm-7am.

Thank you to all staff for participating in our survey, your feedback is valuable to our continuous mission to improve our program.

Erika Gilroy, Program Manager

Sterling Andrews, Director of Programs

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